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Clients use TotalPack bottle and tube filling machines, capping machines, labeling machine and other bottling equipment to fill a wide range of products, from think to viscous liquid.

TotalPack have installed complete tube and bottling lines for various established contract packaging and startup companies all over the world. At TotalPack we help our clients with solutions to fill tube, bottles, cans, containers, etc with products as thin as water to as thick as mud.

Here are a brief summary of the guidelines along with industry products filled with our TotalPack filling equipment.

Chemical Product Filled

Using TotalPack piston filler, gear pump filler, granule filler, monoblock filler-capper, filler-plugger-capper and tube filler sealer, they deliver a consistent fill operation for various chemical product throughout production cycle regardless of variations in the container.

Carpet Cleaners • Cleaning Chemicals • Craft Glue • Degreasers • Detergents • Dishwashing Liquid • Fertilizers • Foamy Chemicals • Foamy Cleaners • Glass Cleaners • Glues • Ink • Laundry Detergent • Lubricants • Motor Oil • Paints
• Paste Cleaners • Petroleum Products • Sealants • Solvents • Stain Removers • Tire Sealant • Toilet Bowl Cleaner .

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