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Totalpack vacuum homogenizing machine is a complete homogenizer system and widely used for producing cosmetic or pharmaceutical creams.

Homogenizer HR-100A
Complete Vacuum Homogenizing System HR-100A

The vacuum homogenizing machine consist of pre-treatment mixing tanks, vacuum emulsify mixer tank, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, control system and working platform. It capable of processing cream from 5 liter up to 2000 liter.


  • Tank operation is done by hydraulic system.
  • All parts in contact with the material is made of 316L stainless steel which meet cGMP standard.
  • Emulsify mixer capacity ranging from 0 to 3500 r/min with frequency control.
  • The scraper stick to the surface of the tank with capacity from 10 to 50 r/min with frequency control.
  • Adopt vacuum drawing material design especially for the powder material to avoid floating matter.
  • The homogenizer processing is done under vacuum condition to avoid bubble.
  • The equipment is equip with CIP cleaning fitting.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.


Model: HR-100A.

Capacity Emulsify Stirrer
5L 0.37kw, 0-3500r/min  0.37kw ,10-70r/min
20L 2.2kw, 0-3500r/min  0.37kw ,10-70r/min
50L 3kw, 0-3500r/min  0.75kw ,10-70r/min
100L 3kw, 0-3500r/min  1.5kw ,10-70r/min
150L 4kw, 0-3500r/min  1.5kw ,10-70r/min
200L 5.5kw, 0-3500r/min  1.5kw ,10-70r/min
350L 7.5kw, 0-3500r/min  2.2kw ,10-70r/min
500L 7.5kw, 0-3500r/min  2.2kw ,10-70r/min
750L 11kw, 0-3500r/min  4kw ,10-70r/min
1000L 11kw, 0-3500r/min  4kw ,10-70r/min
2000L 15kw, 0-3500r/min  7.5kw ,10-70r/min
Homogenizer Detail Parts

Complete Vacuum Homogenizing System HR-100A

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